I get a lot of email and questions about the Lockpicking Villages that I host at developer and community events. Rather than try and remember the salient details every time I email someone, let's use this as the one stop shop for answers.

Lockpicking in general

There is a lot of information on locksport.com, the official page of Locksport International. You'll find the ethics clauses that I parrot all the time, as well as links to the LI Guide - probably the best 16 pages you will read about hobby lockpicking.

Ready to go to the next level? That's harder to find. You might want to start at lockpicking101.com, the forum of choice for L.I.  There is a wealth of stored information there if you have the patience to look for it. There are also a few books, but the top recommendation is Deviant Ollam's Practical Lock Picking.


I sell picksets at the meetup group and lockpick villages for $20. If you want other tools, I recommend lockpickshop.com.

Columbus Locksport

The Columbus branch of Locksport International meets the third Wednesday of every month at the Columbus Idea Foundry. Check out our meetup page for meeting times, directions and topics we are covering.

My presentations

People ask me for my slides, and I am clear that largely, they are not my slides. TOOOL (The Open Organization Of Lockpickers) created those slides and make them freely available on their site. There is a lot of other information up there too.

There are a few recordings of my "Is locksport a sport" talk but the best one is from DerbyCon 2011, and you can find that on IronGeek's site.