Application Security This Week for June 21

by Bill Sempf 21. June 2020 20:45

Happy Father's Day!


Sn1per is not new, but has some updates, and is with adding to your vulnerability assessment routine, or even your SSDLC CICD process


Seeker is a cool social engineering tool that makes it easy to collect geopositioning from users.  This blog isn't about SE, but they used some neat programming tactics and it is worth a look.


"There are 14 people with this item in their cart" is probably a lie.  Press F12 and see for yourself! Might be worth a look.


ProxyJump lets you pivot from one SSH host to another.  It's pretty neat.


Cool new XSS vulnerability in Angular.  Update your framework!


One of the "ilities" of application security is "availability".  The Dark Tangent (Jeff Moss, founder of DefCon) is using this tool for stress testing the new forums.


Have a great week everyone.


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