Application Security This Week for May 24

by Bill Sempf 24. May 2020 12:45

Happy Memorial Day! Take a minute to learn something new about the seven branches of the US Military (see you learned something already)


A new decompiler for ... wait for it ... Visual Studio Code. Yup. Uses Ghidra and IDApro. Neat.


Tenable did a fantastic writeup of Signal's use of WebRTC, and how to abuse it.  Really good research.


Georgetown University published a paper (PDF) on ethics and Artificial Intelligence.


There was a Remote Code Vulnerability in Google's Cloud Deployment Manager.

There is also a username harvesting vulnerability in Azure Portal, but I'll handle that under separate cover.


Not appsec related, but very interesting.  Windows 10 got tcpdump. Now, it's not a conspiracy, it's a debugging tool. Geez, people.


Hope everyone is doing well. Stay in touch.



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