Application Security Weekly for July 1

It's the "Bill accidentally skipped a week" edition.  I didn't even DO anything last Sunday, I just forgot!


The IETF calls for formal revocation of the TLS 1.0 and 1.1 standards.  This will effectively cut mobile users on Android 4.4 and earlier off the web.  Guess who this hurts: developing countries. And why?  Because it's possible to decrypt a message BEFORE the heat death of the universe.  We have a priority problem.


Rhino Security put together a good article about privilege escalation on Amazon Web Services, and it is juicy.

They have an open source AWS scanning tool too!!


This isn't a security story explicitly, but it is about why security in apps for mobile is so important, and it features Columbus, where I am based.  And it is The Atlantic, one of my favorite papers.


There's a 7-month-unpatched vulnerability in Wordpress that allows for unauthorized access.  Considering what Wordpress has grown into I'm kind of shocked by this.


A breach bigger than Equifax?  SURE WHY NOT.


While I am eating up your Wired soft-paywall allowance, they have another good article on how the Mirai botnet was just some kids trying to cheat at Minecraft.  Great long read.  Don't screw with malware, folks!

By the way, Wired has great reporting and is worth the $10 a year.  You should subscribe.


And that's the news.  Have a great 4th, if you are in the US.  Otherwise, have a great week!

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